Fleet Shield Terms and Conditions

This FLEET SHIELD Services Agreement is entered between FLEET SHIELD ., and (“Customer”). “Agreement” refers to this Fleet Shield Services Agreement, all documents incorporated by reference, and related Order(s).

  1. Pricing Terms

1.1 The Pricing Schedule is made and entered into as of the Pricing Schedule Date by and between the company listed and FLEET SHIELD  or its subsidiaries. The parties, through their authorized representatives, agree to the Pricing Schedule Date and acknowledge that this Pricing Schedule is governed by the terms and conditions of the contract executed by the parties above.

1.2 Pricing may not include any applicable tax(es). Customer is responsible for the payment of any tax and surcharge amount(s) due.

1.3 The Pricing for Equipment, Software, and Service in the Contract is based on the quantity commitments for all items stated in the Pricing Schedule. If customer does not fulfill obligations in each Pricing Schedule, FLEET SHIELD LLC may discontinue discounts with 15 days’ notice.


  1. ADDITIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS. FLEET SHIELD  Standard Terms and Conditions for Communications Services (the “Standard Terms and Conditions”) as posted at www.fleet-shield.com/T&Cs and as amended from time to time, are incorporated into this Agreement and apply to all Fleet Shield Products and Services acquired or used under this Agreement.


3. Service Plans. Customer may select from available FLEET SHIELD Service Plans or promotional Service Plans that Fleet Shield may offer on a limited time basis.

A. Promotions. Fleet Shield promotional discounts may not be available with certain Service Plans, as indicated in the promotional offer. If Customer purchases a promotional wireless Product or Service, the promotional terms will control over any conflicting terms in this Agreement for that wireless Product or Service until the promotion expires or Customer selects a different Business Plan for the Customer Line enrolled in the promotion.

B. Trial Offers. If Customer receives a wireless Service or Service option for a limited trial period at a reduced cost, upon expiration of the trial period, Customer will continue to receive the Service or Service option at full price. If Customer wishes to avoid being billed in full for the promotional wireless Service or Service option, Customer must contact FLEET SHIELD LLC before the end of the trial period to discontinue the wireless Service or Service option. Notification must be made in email to info@fleet-shield.com



4.1 Minimum Service Term Generally. Wireless Services may require a device or Service Plan to remain active for a minimum period of time (“Minimum Service Term”). The Minimum Service Term begins on the device purchase date and ends on the expiration of the device Minimum Service Term or the Service Plan Minimum Service Term, whichever is later. Service terminations before the end of the applicable Minimum Service Term, including due to the termination of this Agreement (unless the termination is due to FLEET SHIELD's material failure), may be subject to an early termination fee (“ETF”) or a deactivation fee. Fleet Shield Standard Termination Fee is 2x MRC (Monthly Recurring Charge) + $300.00 per active GO7 device. Any termination of service by the customer must be done by email to info@fleet-shield.com. Termination of service agreement must be sent by authorized Customer.


To become effective, this Sprint Wireless Services Agreement must be signed by an authorized Customer. The parties may execute and deliver this FLEET SHIELD LLC Services Agreement manually or electronically, in one or more counterparts, each of which will be an original and all of which together will constitute one agreement.


6. Fleet Shield 14 Day Guarantee

To receive full refund for Geotab products, devices must be cancelled and returned within 14 days of the purchase date of the original device.

Warranty - GO7 (HOS Plan) - 1 Year

             GO7 (ProPlus Plan) - Lifetime

Products and Services may be cancelled with no penalty on or before December 17, 2017. All devices purchased before December 17, 2017 and are cancelled on or after December 18, 2017 are subject to a Termination Fee of up to $300 per device. All cancellations must be done via e-mail. All customer cancellations must be sent to info@fleet-shield.com and must be received by Fleet Shield on or before December 17, 2017.


The contents of this proposal should not be duplicated, used, or disclosed in whole or in part for any other purpose other than to evaluate the proposal or solicitation without express written permission of Fleet Shield LLC. Information provided within this proposal is valid for 30 days from the time of delivery.


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