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          The United States transportation industry is entering into both an unprecedented era of new government regulation and embarking into frontier technology driven by big data. First to market telematics technology with fair pricing, Fleet Shield provides their customers with the necessary advantages to push ahead of competitors.



          Headquartered out of one the largest U.S. trucking cities, Fleet Shield is positioned to serve fleets of any size and any location. Seeing gaps within the customer service culture of the transportation industry, Fleet Shield founders left the comforts of an enterprise-level technology company to create their own customer-centered culture. At its core is the principle that “a customer’s trust should always be earned and never forsaken.”



         Introducing transportation companies to technology is Fleet Shield’s primary mission. Technology solutions are offered at a per truck/driver rate. This model ensures fairness in cost to both small and large fleets and promotes scalability for growing fleets. Meeting the 2017 ELD Mandate will require that hardware and software be connected to truck to assist in enforcing federal government regulations. Fleet Shield provides the answer to the question that will come in 2018: “What more can I do with technology to improve my operations and production?”.


             Fleet Shield prides itself in offering the industry's singular ELD that provides:


Real-time Active Tracking

Engine Fault Code Translation

Dashcam Integration

Proof of Delivery for Customers

Safe, Legal CMV Routing


Hands-free Compliant Tablet Push-to-Talk

                       Michael Cook, founder of Fleet Shield, has continued to use the principles of                                    hard work and integrity to build his team—principles learned while climbing the                              ranks of the Boy Scouts of America to eventually earn the hallmark rank of Eagle                            Scout. The summer after graduating from Pensacola Catholic High School,                                      Michael left home to serve a two-year mission for the LDS church. He was sent to                            Buenos Aires, Argentina. Engaging people of a different language and culture at a                          young age, he was humbled by those he served. Leadership, organization,                                       teamwork, fortitude, patience, and stamina were just some of the attributes              Michael acquired to later be injected into Fleet Shield’s core. After returning from Argentina, Michael attended BYU-Idaho and graduated from Pensacola State College. Ten years with a top-three telecom company gave Michael insight into the importance of technology in today’s data-hungry environment. Michael has committed to meeting all of his new clients in person. Michael is determined to offer a hands-on, transparent partnership with all of his customers. He understands that this is what it takes to win in today’s remote, over the internet culture that continues to plague today’s business world. The lost art of the handshake is given new life in Fleet Shield’s ecosystem of customers and partners.


          Fleet Shield has partnered with another industry innovator, Geotab Inc. Geotab is a software/hardware engineering firm based in Ontario, Canada. At its inception in the year 2000, Geotab began delivering some of the telematic industry’s first plug-and-play devices. Adapting to a complete reseller model, Geotab focuses on innovation and product development while partnering with companies like Fleet Shield in order to be the standard for local support and sales.


          Geotab has received a plethora of  publicity and has been awarded recognition for its stability while continuing a positive growth model in recent years. Some of the most notable awards are:


Connected World’s 2016 Top 100 Ranking of Elite Technology Companies

Profit Magazine’s 2015 Top 500

Winner of 2016 North American Portable Telematics Product Leadership

2015 IOT Excellence Award (Active Tracking and GO Talk)


             As an engineering company, Geotab’s primary focuses are on sustainability and security.  In early 2012, Geotab introduced the industry’s first marketplace. Geotab Marketplace provides an open API for all to integrate their software with Geotab’s platform via SDK. Integration with competition and other solutions is encouraged. Earlier this year, industry competitor and leader J.J. Keller integrated with Geotab. Other notable marketplace partners are Garmin, TMW, McLeod, and ALK Technologies.


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